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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Crimes Punishing No Crime, Again

Yesterday a 12-year old girl was forcibly removed from her Spanish class in a New York City high school and taken to the principal's office, for the apparently horrendous crime of writing a love note on her desk with green, erasable ink. There, it's easy to read between the lines of the news story to sense that she continued to be less than contrite to the magnitude of her sin, upon which the school authorities committed the real and highly serious crime of calling in the police, thereby making it inevitable that this incident would have a very bad end that otherwise should not have happened. And so it happened. The cops arrested the girl and took her in for the normal disagreeable hours of stewing at a precinct station, before the police could finally bring themselves to admit that they had made a big mistake in arresting, or in more accurate language, abducting her, which any sort of police arrest actually is, if you're able to bring yourself to think about it.

This child was lucky, however, that the police didn't also try to kill her with the 50,000 volts of a taser gun, which cruel, unthinking judges have been allowing them to do with gay abandon all over the country, whether or not it's to the young, the elderly, and the pregnant..


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