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Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Unintended Boost to Health Care Reform

A chief contender for the title of the most odious known man in the United States has just announced that if the health care reform bill is passed, he will leave the country.

Such a statement, as much as anything else that this man has said, shows that everything he says is emitted out of the same bodily orifice that he is otherwise believed to use to defecate, and I don't understand why he would pass a wind to which the possible suitable responses would be so numerous as to be beyond count.

Isn't it incredible that large enough numbers of people exist in this country to have made this man a millionaire many times over and to feel that his departure from these shores would be a tragedy many times over. If enough people exist who merely believe that his absence would be something of a shame are even in the majority, then the others, including myself, are really under enough threat that they need to be looking with greater interest at prospects in Canada, Mexico, or almost anywhere else.

All I know is that, whatever its failings, and however much it will cost, the cost of passing the health care reform bill would be cheap indeed if this man were to keep his word, though everyone knows that he never would. His end of the politcal spectrum, tipped by him, is characterized by such constantly demostrated deficiencies in character.


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