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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Once More to the Snow

Last night we got just short of an inch of snow, and a little is still drifting down, now after daybreak. It is the 4th snowfall this month, and February still has more than two weeks to run. And this after I had been talking about how hopeful I was that the cold and the other winter stuff was coming to an end, now that January was over, because I have always looked on Feb as being a much milder month, with lots of warm periods. After all, I have seen -- once -- a hive of honeybees swarm in that month.

Not so this time! Because in this Feb we have already had two major snowstorms with a smaller one sandwiched between, to add to the two big ones that we had already in Jan and Dec.

Of course, I like snow, don't I? I'm excited every time it arrives. And actually, because neither of us has had anywhere to go, except to replenish our food supplies, and with no power outages, we haven't suffered at all.

But it does mean that I have spent an inordinate amount of time, Sisyphus-like, shoveling out our long, long driveway, which extends itself by another few yards reach time, because hardly do I get the two tracks clear when yet another storm arrives and fills them in again, and this dusting last night comes when I was counting on finally finishing my latest clearing today. And in two more days another snow, a light one (as predicted so far, though the forecasts tend to call for heavier as the time approaches) is due.

But things are worse in many other places on the East Coast, with record snow depths, including in my hometown, D.C.

I wished for snow, and it came ...generously.

Now I, and many others, are just as hopefully wishing for Spring.

How will that be? Can it bring more of something or another than I would ordinarily want?

It's something to look forward to. That's the weather for you.


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