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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Seriousness Sets In: More Heavy Snow Coming!

Ok, folks, as an acquaintance of long ago loved to say, it's time for seriousness to set in.

In the lee of the sheltering Blue Ridge Mountains not far away, quite a few winters have gone by in the 34 years since we bought this property and started hanging out here when we were lucky to get even one snowstorm that could be called respectable. Yet this winter we've already had the monster of December 18, followed by a second nearly as major on January 30 or thereabouts, and then two days ago we had a third storm that added a couple of more inches of snow and "ice pellets" to what already still lay thickly and frozen on the ground. But now Weather Underground is going out of its way to forecast a fourth and the biggest one yet, for tomorrow and the next day, and I have absolutely no doubt that they will be right.

Still, lately I have been thinking strongly about looking around for another online weather service that is just as reliable. The reason? Underground keeps running all these right wing political ads. First it's been one urging its readers to stop health care reform or what the rightwingers derisively call "Obamacare,." and to pull the eye to this ad they show him wearing a surgeon's cap, which I guess is intended to make him look silly but really just makes them look silly, and now they keep running another thing that is disguised as a poll but is really an ad for Sarah Palin, the woman from Alaska who in the last two years has given the word "nonsense" new meaning..

I don't think that a public weather service like Underground should be running political ads of that or any other kind, and I should stir myself to write them an email or something telling them so.

Meanwhile you can tell that the Underground feels strongly about this next storm because usually when snow is coming, they just say "snow." But this time they're using the term "heavy snow," and not just once but several times.

I have a feeling that the effects of this one are going to be intensified by all the snow that is already lying not only on the ground but also on the rooftops. By the time of the January storm the white stuff of the December storm had finally all melted away, though it had taken more than a month. because of the constant sub-freezing mornings. But right now there are still five or six inches of the snowpack left wherever you look, from the January fall, at least here in our little frost pocket. Our house roof still has a thick layer, and so does the garden shed, and the only building that has completely shed the snow is the workshop, because it is so much in the sun and its roof is steeply pitched.

Of course this means that my second session of clearing our long driveway by hand with shovel though mostly with a concrete hoe (meaning it is made for concrete work) will again be obliterated, and I'll have to go through the whole exercise all over again.

Nevertheless I still look forward to this latest storm with the usual great excitement.


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