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Monday, March 08, 2010

Since Then

Many things have happened around here since February 17. Many small things, and today the last remnants of the long series of snowstorms that started way back in December are almost finished finally melting away in near 60-degree temps, and the dead leaves have things on the ground all to themselves again.

Maybe, just for the record, I might mention some of those small things, but not right now. But today I do have a new monitor, the first LCD one I've ever had, not counting the one that my wife inherited from her job, which is now two years into history. This one is a 23.8 inch widescoreen, made by Hanns-G, and though much bigger, it's lighter than her Dell 17-incher. I got it from Newegg, where their great system of customer reviews gave it a 77% 5-star rating, which is kind of incredible, because usually the good stuff doesn't do any better than something in the 60 percents. I missed a sale on it for $169 by $10, and a few days after I received it, it went up $20 more.

I've had it for about a week, but today was the first time I was able to turn it on. The reason is the fault of either myself or of the monitor's designers, and I was nearly on the point of returning it as DOA, because I was unable to turn it on. It had no power switch that I could find, and its quickstart instructions said that the power could be disconnected by pulling the power plug, which suggested, logically speaking, that the power could be turned on by plugging in the cord. I have had a piece of computer equipment -- I forget what -- that had same rude, crude feature.

But this morning, being highly reluctant to return the thing, as I am also with everything else, and being unable to shake the feeling that I was missing something, badly, and also unable to believe that a company, especially one with such a popular machine, would make a monitor without a power switch, I looked at it more closely one more time, and at last spotted the switch, though I had to push it to confirm that it was indeed a switch. It was very small, and it was cleverly hidden under the panel and disguised as part of the base or the stand, and without any sort of a marking.

And so it goes. A lot of little foibles like that are happening with me these days, but I still have no reason to complain..


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