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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Health Care Reform Bill

The health care reform bill was passed in the House of Representatives a few weeks ago, and so it has become the law of the land, though the usual political Nasties have vowed to nullify it, and so far the attorney-generals of 14 states have set into motion lawsuits claiming that the bill is unconstitutional.

In the interest of honesty I confess that I have very little idea of what's in this bill. But I believe I am really really far from alone in that. Believing that, like all big bills considered by the U.S. Congress, it consists of hundreds and maybe even thousands of pages of stipulations expressed in some extremely murky prose, reading it was never a possibility for me. And again, I wonder how many did, before it was passed.. Again I'm certain that that number is miniscule in the extreme.

All I know is that I have read that 32 million of our fellow Americans who up to now didn't have any medical insurance coverage and were going "barebacked" will now be getting it, and that was the main focus of the whole thing for me.. It was never right for all the Haves in the American populace who were comfortably sailing along with good medical coverage to fight so hard to keep the millions of Have-Nots from being able to enjoy the same feeling and situation of medical security. And all the arguments put forward against the bill struck me as being specious in the extreme. But if you were old enough and were not totally ignorant of history, it was easy to know that all those types of arguments had been heard before, every time any serious effort was made to bring a scorned segment of the American populace up to the same level as the dominant group. It goes all the way back to the days of slavery, and even earlier, with opponents falling all over themselves predicting that the fall of the nation is near at hand with the passage of such and such a measure, though that's never been true after each of these moments, and after the passage of health care reform, the chances are less than usual for an apocalypse to take place, because that passage is being followed this time by a sort of vacuum of events that is going to last for a long time, while the operative people finally read the new requirements, and that is going to take a good little while, all by itself. And in that period very little of consequence that can happen as a result of this bill figures to be experienced by most people, again for a long time, most likely not for many years. Meanwhile carloads of other issues are waiting to have their day in the dawn and to take up everyone's time and attention..

But that's not keeping the opponents of health care reform from blowing noxious smoke into that emptiness anyway, no matter how much time works to blow it away without expending the least effort while doing so..

It's just sad that so many people have nothing better to do with themselves, and that so many others think that their empty emanations into the winds are nevertheless worth noting.


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