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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Some day, after the Obama presidency advances into history, it will be possible for someone to compile a book listing the many thousands of ridiculous and usually comical charges that those who were so outraged over his election leveled against him throughout his time in office.   Hopefully, by then time will have created a detachment that will lessen and even destroy all the pain behind the humor of all the bad-mouthing.

Recently a rupture developed in an oilwell pipe close to the sea bottom nearly a mile down in the Gulf of Mexico, and it's probably only a matter of time before one of these Obama-haters will get around to charging him with having donned a wetsuit and personally diving almost 5,000 feet while armed with an ax, so as to chop a hole in the pipe, which has been allowing 5,000 barrels of oil to escape daily into the sea.   This has been going on for several weeks, with no sure way of stopping that wastage of perfectly good crude in sight as yet.

That accusation hasn't been delivered to their avid true believers and ditto audiences by the Obamaphobes and haters yet, maybe because there's no lack of other absurdities to be scooped out of the cesspools of their minds -- by hand -- and flung against the Chief Executive.

One was to call this oil leak disaster "Obama's Katrina," with reference to the performance of Obama's predecessor in office, after the Bush administration moved too slowly and clumsily in response to the hurricane that so badly wrecked New Orleans and other parts of the Gulf Coast a few years ago.

But for the purposes of the Repubs and others, this oil is escaping too slowly, and so far little if any of the shorelines have been affected.  Some of the fisheries could be damaged by now, but still with not enough human tragedy to keep this from becoming old news before long -- and too late for any charges of foot-dragging to be leveled against the Prez enough to stick, because there's been time enough for a variety of groups and not just the U.S. government to drag combat forces into place.   But most telling was that not long after the attempts to pin something, anything about this, on Obama, the oil company involved, British Petroleum, probably unintentionally but effectively shot the detractors down in no uncertain terms when one of their representatives said that the rupture and the consequent outflow of the oil into the Gulf was entirely their responsibility, and they will be fully responsible for stopping the flow and cleaning things up.

But first BP has to struggle to get people off their backs long enough to allow them to do that, and right now they're fighting with their collaborators in drilling the well, over who was most at fault.

With the fast dispersal of information having gotten to be what it is, whenever there's any disaster, no matter how tragic, it's gotten so that one's first reaction is not sympathy for the victims involved or horror at the damage wrought or even dismay over the costs and effort that will be necessary for the clean-up.  Instead the very first reaction is dismay at the invariable charges of blame that will be flung all over the place, even if the catastrophe were to be caused by things as far beyond human fault as solar flares.

I hope the compensations of being the U.S. President are worth it.


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