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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crippled in the Weblog

Whirling around in my head and sure to stay there for a long time are a huge number of posts that I think are extremely interesting and even enlightening when it comes to human frailties.

They've been occasioned by my involvement this spring in a community garden and by a later disaster involving one of the members in another matter that on the surface is very different from the garden though actually it is not, and this second matter involves a certain attitude that creates dangers that are rife in today's world, especially on the employment scene.

   Yet I can't post one word of these things because so many of them involve someone who allegedly sometimes reads this weblog but right now can't because his computer has been down since December, and he and his wife are apparenty not concerned enough to bring it back up.   But some day, sure as shooting, they will.

But the stuff is so interesting and so vital and so clear and contained in my head that it doesn't at all want to stay there.
What does a person do in such a case?

I don't know.


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