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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ack Basswards on the Oil Leak

On the BBC News can today be found another article on the oil leak that has still not been contained, in the Gulf of Mexico.   This article, written by someone who is normally from Britain, has an astoundingly narrow and basically bigoted point of view, yet it is surely milder than the stuff that is surely being written by his brethren on the rightward, mentally maimed end of things.

The point of view this author takes is that the job of repairing the pipe and cleaning up the water and the beaches is purely in President Obama's court and not in that of the people who put in the well.   He is described as having the power to bring everything under control, but he is not appearing to be up to the job.

I guess this is thought to be a very effective tactic in today's political battles: to accuse an opponent of being ineffectual at something that he can't possibly do.

I wonder what people who think this way want people to expect of the man ?  Rallying the troops? which are the only things that he has control of, and that's not very substantial.

I don't think that the U.S. special forces or the Marines, or the CIA or the FBI, are equipped or even have a clue as to how to deal with this disaster, because of the very special circumstances in which it has occurred.

My understanding is that the leak was caused not by terrorists and such but instead by the natural and explosive gas called methane that lives on and below the sea floor in such quantities and in so many places that it has the very real potential to turn the whole earth into an uninhabitable hothouse soon enough, and it was put there eons ago and not by President Obama, BP, the Democrats, or any other human agency.   And a bubble of this gas in an especially pure state mingled with the petroleum under the mud and traveled upward the same as the gas in a kitchen stove, and it made an explosion that had enough force to kill 11 workers on the oil rig and to rupture the pipe, I think in several places but especially down close to where the pipe emerges from the mud, almost a mile deep in some very heavy and unaccommodating, for human purposes, salt water, where you can't easily light a match to see what you're doing.

This explanation sounds credible enough.       

So it stands to reason that that is a incredibly heavy and complex technical problem, in which only the people who put in the well in the first place have a fighting chance of stopping the leak sooner than the several months that BP hopes to take to drill a second well that will relieve the pressure of the first, ruptured one.

What do you want to bet that when the leak finally eases and then eventually stops, as it must one way or the other, it will be hailed as a personal victory of B. Obama?

But maybe you can say he asked for it, by having a so-called "black" father and then asking to be chosen President of a nation beset by a heritage riddled with large  doses of "black" slavery, the systematic ravishings of a whole slew of native tribes, and now the same kind of bigotry but in another form, called the battle against "illegal aliens," all which, when taken together, are responsible for a widespread uncharitable state of mind to which even a foreign observer from Great Britain can be vulnerable.


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