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Monday, March 16, 2009

"...And Parts of Kenya"

True to its perpetual and decidedly Unfair and Unbalanced agenda of demonizing large segments of the American population, the Fox (I barely resisted typing a "u" there instead of the "o" ) NeoNasi News network is running an article saying that the HIV rate in the Nation's Capital has soared and thereby placed it on a par with Uganda in the likelihood of contracting AIDS. Its loving readers and listeners will note with their usual satisfaction at anything that Fox says, first and foremost that D.C. has a majority Rainbow population, and that Uganda, which is in the heart of Africa, is therefore almost all Rainbow.

But "soared?" From what? Zero point five percent? I doubt that. So one or two percent? But from two to three is not quite "soaring" percentage-wise, even if Foxians will happily retort, "Not to those with the syndrome!")

When I saw that headline, I was surprised that. to the "On Par with Uganda," Fox didn't add "--and Kenya." That must indeed have been a powerful temptation, considering the immediate lineage of the current U.S. President. whom they do not wish well at all. But then I saw that in the body of their article they hadn't gotten far before they quoted a D.C. health official who according to them added almost just that, in the form of "and parts of Kenya."

One would like to think that Fox is reporting this in hopes that it will sound an alarm that will step up efforts to reverse this appalling situation in the town where I was born and where I spent almost the whole of the first half of my life. That's easy to believe in the case of many of the numerous other news services that reported this, but never in the case of Fox NNN. Instead, when eventually, in some way that isn't completely clear at the moment, that happy day of zero HIV in D.C. comes, Fox and its devotees will be nothing less than disgusted and enraged instead -- just as their heroes, the Republicans that remain in the Government that they've been trying so hard and for so long to reduce to the size and effectiveness of an ant have no intention whatever of helping President Obama dispel the present, riproaring economic agonies.


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