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Monday, March 02, 2009

R. Limbaugh, America's Grand Champion A-------What?

Though I paid as little attention to it as I possibly could, I understand that recently the conservative Republicans, smarting from being ousted from positions that they probably thought they would hold forever -- or at least the thousand years envisioned by their chief inspirations, the mercifully long-passed Third Reich -- held a confab to try to determine how they would wrest back their odious control of the U.S. Government. And in the process they sat still for a speech for a radio spouter named R. Limbaugh.

Though I put nothing past that satanic host, I am still dumbfounded by this. Apparently the Republican conservatives have finally discarded all previous pretense of being a decent group, and are now openly showing their dripping, bloody fangs, just as the party headed by the former A. Schickelgruber did in 1933 after he was named by German's ailing President, Marshal Hindenburg, to be Germany's Chancellor.

But where is the aged, exhausted, and quickly deceased Hindenburg of today? (After whom a grand passenger zeppelin was named ...and then went on to meet a tragic and fiery fate a few years later in -- where else? -- New Jersey, exactly presaging many other debacles of the worst sort soon to come in Europe and a couple of other parts of the world.)

Very thankfully, B. Obama doesn't fit the Hindenburg bill in any way, and though he has bent a little too far over to accommodate his intractable adversaries, he isn't likely to appoint any of the true Republican Conservative bozos to anything, but to them that doesn't matter. So the other day they listened with rapt attention to every word of the poison sprayed from the mouth of America's most malignant man, and CNN disgraced itself by carrying the whole thing without commercial interruption.

Many years ago, long before I left D.C., my daily access to the Washington Post eventually moved me to bestow on the columnist George Will the title, "The Crown Prince of Smug," and instead of furnishing gratification it is appalling to see that after so long a subsequent time he is still living up fully to that appellation.

More recently I went on to dub Ann Coulter "The High Priestess of Hatred," and she, too, has done absolutely nothing to argue against her being called that.

Now R. Limbaugh's rightful title has also finally revealed itself, because he is a man who, among legions of other uniformly and unremittingly ugly and evil sentiments that he has voiced over the years, said openly and not just once that he wants the new President of the United States, B. Obama, to fail -- showing how little his true regard for the fate of the country really is.

So Limbaugh should now be called exactly what he is. He is "the Grand Champion A--hole of America." The "GCAA" for short.

And one reason that that title fits him so perfectly is that his claim to it, like A. Hitler's in yesteryear, is already and absolutely far beyond dispute.


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