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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mayhem Made Easy

More shooting sprees, which seem to have become regular occurrences in recent years, have erupted, one in Germany and yet another in the U.S. After racking up a sufficient number of victims, with between 10 and 20 being popular, the shooter always excuses himself from having to hear about it later, by offing himself as well.

And immediately, yet again the same argument wells up fiercely all over the land, as the gunlovers, fearing the loss of their right to always own and caress as many firearms as they want, immediately go on the offensive defensive, with the main cry being that it's people, not guns, that kill people.

But how can they argue with the proposition that guns sure do make the urge to hurt and kill much easier and quicker to bring about?

Still, they will argue to their last breath for a world teeming with guns of all sorts and calibers, lest they miss a chance to realize their biggest hope should the opportunity present itself, which is shooting intruders on their premises, justifiably confident that any court will find them guiltless, especially if the least little suggestion can be made that the shootee was that most despised of beings these days, even suddenly more than Rainbow males (who after all at least play sports and can once in a very great while even win at golf or become U.S. President) -- a so-called "illegal" immigrant. That happened in Houston just last year, a quickly silenced case made more suspicious when the shooter claimed to be defending not his own but a neighbor's house. And he shot the two men in the back and killed both as they were trying their best to relieve him and everyone else around there of their presence, which is supposed to be most to be desired.

Because of the several years of careful research that I made into the matter, between the ages of about 6 and 9, looking at every Western that came through the Strand Theater in Northeast D.C., I seem to recall that in the Cowboy Code of Honor it was a strictly observed practice never to shoot even your worst enemy in the back. And isn't Texas the most celebrated home of cowboys?

Yes, guns make everything easy, including instantly dropping your most fondly held rules of conduct, and that's one of the several cold, hard terrors about them.


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