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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Paying the Republican Price

It has already happened.

A few months ago I posted a piece here about "Judas Goats," that is, Rainbows who -- putting their desire for personal advancement ahead of all common sense -- take their chances in collecting glittering prizes dangled before them by that most cynical and sinister of bodies, the Republican political establishment. Sooner or later they all find themselves hopelessly degraded in some manner, so that in all the February observances to come, they will not hear their names mentioned alongside those of M.L. King, S. Truth, H. Tubman, W.E.B. Dubois, or even N. Turner. Instead they will be lucky to be lumped in with those who betrayed budding slave insurrections such as that of D. Vesey.

Yes, it has already happened, just as I thought it might when I wrote a couple of more recent posts implying that the election of M. Steele, a Rainbow, as head of the Republican National Committee, was sure to spatter back into his face like offal in a crowded, flooding cattle yard.

That had to happen, and so, this quickly, it has come to pass.

A few days ago the Voice of the Republican Conservative Nasties, one Pusher Limbarf (his actual name never bears repeating, and anyway this one is much closer to his true character), delivered a long speech in which he repeated his fervent desire that the legitimately elected present U.S. President and his programs should all fail, presumably regardless of the enormous ill that that would bring to the Nation in these unusually difficult times.

In reply a shred of the common decency that M.Steele still had left, as a human being and as a Rainbow (i.e. "black") human being, caused him to attack Barfy's remarks, and he called them "incendiary" and "ugly," as they definitely were.

Immediately the howls shot up out of the conservative backside of the Republican Party, which unfortunately is badly oversized in that group, and so shortly afterward Steele apologized to the Nation's premier barfbag.


That is the one man on the planet to whom no apology is ever due, and the days of his demise will not be nearly long enough to hold all the apologies that Boughboy owes to one and all instead, even his many mentally challenged minions who have disgorged so much filthy lucre on him.

So now M. Steele is in the wholly unenviable situation where he has only two terrible choices. He can decide to abdicate the debatably "high" position that he had only recently won, or he can try to stay on and tough it out. But whichever way he goes, the wolves and hyenas who are always hungry for Rainbow flesh will be constantly milling all around and will not go away any time soon.

That's the price paid by Republican-favoring Judas Goats, and the bigger the prize they grab, the worse the reckoning turns out to be, while their patrons laugh all the way to the banks now awash in red ink, sometimes known as "blood."


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

Very well put. It is the same issue for women in the ReThug party. How can a person work with/vote for someone who clearly has not respect for humans who are not exactly like them?

I have been amazed by the number of people from HS that I have met again through Facebook who are incredibly right wing. And for really stupid reasons! Or for NO reasons, which is worse.

3:57 PM  

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