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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So Sad for Obama -- the U.N. Palestinian Crisis

So sad for Obama, because no matter what happens in this U.N. Palestinian thing, it's not going to do anything for his comfort zones.  So you would think he would grab the bull by the horns and do something for once in the foreign policy area that would justify that Nobel Prize and, more importantly, earn him a solid chapter in the "Profiles of Courage," even if it does put the final seal of doom on his chances for a second term.   But does a second term for Obama rate above all other considerations?   I don't see why it should.

That singular act of courage would consist of not exercising the U.S. veto when the Palestinians formerly submit their application for statehood to the Security Council.   But of course nothing like that has a ghost of a chance of happening with this man, although it's not certain that the results of doing that would be as dire as the predictions of the anti-Obamarites would have him and everybody else believe.

One reason is the large streak of principle that has always run through the Jewish character in the U.S. as well as through the Israeli people in Israel, and that streak could very well prevail over the hysteria being spread by the Netanyahu forces.   The recent special election in a usually strongly Democratic district in New York City's boroughs, in which the Republican won by a wide margin, greatly helped by a generous number of Jewish votes, is being cited by the Teapubs as a strong indicator of the fate that awaits Obama if he does not use that veto, or even if he does not persuade the Palestinians to cease and desist, while of course asking nothing of the Israelis, though they and not the Palestinians are the real villains in the piece by a country mile.    The Palestinians, after all, are not inexorably sprouting settlements deep inside Israeli territory and edging toward Tel Aviv.

But the mainstream news media in the U.S., which is 100% under the control of rightwing tycoons, is carefully keeping hidden the factors that a certain large if not prevailing percentage of Jewish people in the U.S. put the principles of being decent and right above all else, and especially because they see those principles as being behind what it means to be Jewish, and they do not at all buy the policies of the Israel leadership lock, stock, and barrel, just as not everyone does also in Israel itself.

Another thing about that New York election is that the previous holder of that seat, a man named Weiner, had been forced out of office because of some sort of sexual misstep, and the usual overwhelming stigma of that undoubtedly worked powerfully against the Democratic aspirant.   Absolutely nothing was said about that "Weiner" factor in the media reports, which instead were engrossed and delighted at how the results could be seen as being a nearly fatal blow against Obama.   But memories can't possibly be that short, even in Brooklyn and Queens. 

With only a couple of days left before the Palestinian leader, M. Abbas, submits the Palestinian bid for detachment from their Israeli slave overseers, B. Obama is due to have meetings with Netanyahu and with Abbas.   The meeting with Netanyahu means absolutely nothing, but then, no meeting with that bird ever does.  But Obama still probably nurses the hope that Abbas, by withdrawing his submission at the last moment, will save Obama's skin, though it really won't, which is the main thing that makes his situation in this so sad.

Obama will probably put his request on a personal level, telling Abbas that if he persists, he will help ensure that Obama will not be around to "help" him through all the next five years.   As if anything that Obama has done so far has really helped the Palestinians, and instead he has been in the Israeli camp all along, though that has not brought him support from the Jewish Teapubs any more than his numerous bendings and compromises with the Teapubs in general has brought him any respect from them either.   Instead it has brought him all the more vilificiation and opposition from them every step of the way, which would persist even if he proposed that the Sun rises in the east and sets down in the west.

If he has any mettle at all, Abbas is going to say "Thanks but no thanks," after which, if Obama does exercise the veto, only the Israelis and those over whose minds they hold sway will be happy.  But it will result in the U.S., a slave-holding country not so long ago, being seen more than ever as the leader of the New Confederacy of slaveholders, with the Palestinians forced to continue being the very unwilling chattels of the Israelis, even if over high, concrete walls -- a Confederacy that consists of, beside the U.S. and Israel, also Great Britain, Canada, and possibly Germany.

You would think that Obama would have foreseen all this from his earlier experiences with schoolyard intimidators years ago, and in consequence would, for instance, during the first visit that an Israeli leader made to the White House to give the new President his marching orders, he would have told that person to get lost then and there.

That would have saved him a lot of trouble from the start.   But, more than me, he's the one that seriously needs to have a cataract operation, and right away.


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