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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Five in One Tree

Because I live in that state, a Virginia section shows whenever I bring up Google News.   With the guaranteed freezing dead state induced in things whenever Republicans are in power, the normal functioning of life in Virginia has seemingly come almost to a halt, and that is reflected in the news items that Google News chooses to show, with some of these staying in view for as long as two and maybe even three weeks, compared to the turnover of just a few hours in the rest of the site.

For two weeks Google News has been running a story on five Army parachutists who had to be rescued by civilian teams after they got hung up in the same tree while in training.

I had been avoiding reading this story because I thought it was too ridiculous and would not be a story at all.   But finally, with the end of the two weeks drawing near, today I'd thought I'd read it, and it was just what I had expected.

The printed story was short and the accompanying video finked out on my machine.   But nowhere did I see any light cast on how five parachute jumpers could all come down together in the small space occupied by only one tree, no matter how large it was, and actually it had to have been in an even smaller space, because if there were five jumpers, it stood to reason that a couple would land in the thinner, outer parts of the branches and would fall through.  What!   Had they come down in exact single file, I mean really exact, vertically?

This incident just didn't hang together, and nobody over Virginia Beach way, near where this happened, was interested in doing what the media is supposed to do, giving the full poop.

--Well, they gave the poop all right, but it was mostly shots of the rescue teams shoving their fancy gear into their trucks, preparatory to going out to Fort Story to do the job.   Also there were a few shots of tall trees, but none showing five Army guys clutching trunks and branches for dear life,  high up in one tree, or even low up.

The reporters probably photographed the trees in some other spot anyway, closer to the city.


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