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Monday, March 23, 2009

Political Redefining

Contrary to what might have been expected, I was slow to become enthusiastic about B. Obama, in spite of his incredible achievements. That was because he was such an unknown quantity to me, and in some respects he still is. Despite having called myself keeping my eyes open all along, it was only about two years ago that I even first heard of him. In contrast, I had been following H. Clinton and her various steps for several decades, and that was one main reason why I supported her instead, up to the moment when she ceased to have any chance.

I wondered where B. Obama had been all this time, meanwhile. The answer must be Chicago, and that explains it. Chicago is to me what the West Bank and Gaza are to the Israelis, in that I have always felt cut off from it, and consequently it is cut off from me.

Still, in Chicago, B. Obama must have been where he had had not enough occasion to observe the ways of the Republicans over a long span of time. If he had, he wouldn't have shaken the fruitless tree so often during his first several weeks in office, in the admittedly admirable but still hopelessly futile exercise of trying to bring a number of Repubs into his administration and also trying to get them to work with him in Congress.

I wonder if the Republicans realize how hyprocritical they are in their ceaseless accusations that B. Obama is abandoning his campaign pledges to act in a bipartisan fashion, when (1) they never did that during their time in power, and (2) they have rebuffed all his efforts so far to get them to act that way in these, his times.

Now that he is in warm, sunny D.C. instead of on the dark, cold, windy shores of Lake Michigan, B.Obama is where considerably more light shines on things, and he is undoubtedly picking up on his adversaries' definitions of matters. So, for instance, to them "being partisan" is bad because it means doing things strictly the Democratic way, while "being bipartisan" is wholly admirable because it means doing things not in the expected conciliatory manner but instead wholly in the Republican way.

Meanwhile B. Obama probably is no longer concerned one whit about anything his adversaries say, now that they have made clear the twisted way that they use the language while praying for all they're worth that people being polled and prospective voters -- all dummies to them -- take what they say at face value and not at all with an understanding of what they really mean.


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