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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mix-ups and Flip-flops

Alert newscasters are losing no time in pointing out that, so soon after chastising the big insurance outfit, AIG, because of the bonuses it is paying to some of the same executives whose bad judgment led to the perceived need for huge bailout gifts from the Government, B. Obama is now calling for the widespread attacks on the bonus handouts that followed his pronouncements to be dampened down. He must think it has gotten out of hand, or maybe he shares my deep, visceral distaste for commotion of any kind, though, if true, he's never going to be spared that in the job he has taken.

But on the same day Google News directed our attention to an article in an Israeli publication, Haaretz, titled "Barak's Flip-Flop."

If, just before noting that, you had seen the business about B. Obama's apparent AIG reversal, as I had, it was easy to assume, as I did, that, setting aside a slight misspelling (which Obama's first name might have already often appeared to be to anyone who has been in the military), the Haaretz article referred to the same subject, and you might quickly turn to it while wondering why that would interest the Israelis when they are usually totally consumed by their own sorely pressing issues. And as you read deeper and deeper into the article and found nothing but stuff about Israeli politics, you would start wondering when they were finally going to get to the important business, about AIG and the U.S. Prez.

Then finally it would occur to you. They weren't referring to our Chief Executive at all. Instead they were talking about their former prime minister, Ehud Barak, and whether or not, after fighting against them, he would change course and join the rightwing Netanyahu\Lieberman coalition, which is now poised to lead that country ever deeper into the Valley of the Condemned.

In defense of both the Barracks guys, we might also note how inconsistent people are when they use the word "flip-flop" in a spirit of so much scorn, while they themselves might turn around in the next moment and praise somebody they like for his or her "flexibility" in thought and action. So when is it the one and not the other?


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

Is that a rhetorical question? Because it is a flip flop if I disagreed with them on either stance. But if I agreed with their first position, then realized I was wrong and now agree with their second position (as did most Americans on the Iraq issue) then they are flexible.

Unless they are John Kerry, then they flip flopped.

9:18 AM  

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