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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Palin on Obama

After the third and last debate between President Obama and M. Romney this past Monday, which focused on foreign affairs and in which Obama is widely considered to have far outdone Romney, S. Palin is quoted as having tweet-tweeted this amazing example of numbskullery:

"I think President Obama certainly showed his desperation tonight with not only his mannerisms, with all of his interruptions and seemingly angered responses, but his false charges.  And he is trying to make up for lost ground, of course, because the president’s lies are catching up with him. It’s unfortunate that Gov. Romney didn’t have time to answer all the false charges. I made a couple of pages of a list of the false charges."

She certainly petted the wrong end of the horse on that one!

Palin has demonstrated over and over again that if anything, beyond shooting large, unarmed animals, she knows even less about basic subjects familiar to ordinary informed citizens, such as history, geography, and situations overseas, than even Romney does, beyond his country club and vulture capitalist circles of friends.

I would very much like to see that list of "false charges" compiled by the woman who claimed that Paul Revere made his famous ride to warn the British, not the American patriots.   So far, however, it doesn't seem to have escaped the privacy of her feverish little hands.   Or should I say her "Fox News rhetoric?"

How pitiful -- and also almost unbelievable -- it is to see a woman so admirably constructed, physically speaking, suffering so badly and all unawares from total mental and spiritual corruption.   Instead of showing her off so much, the Republicans should be sifwasped for what they have done to the former Ms Heath, by having showered her so liberally with fame, power, and money.   And she should be, too, for having swallowed so much of those grossnesses, whole hog.


Anonymous karmanot said...

But Palin can see horse shit from her house. As for her attractiveness I quote you, "whole hog." It is said that IIse Koch of Buchenwald was attractive and just as stupid as Palin.

2:39 PM  

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