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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Second Diary

. . .And here is the second diary that I posted on Daily Kos, just a few days ago.  With quite a few changes it was originally the second half of the other post about West that I published here two or three weeks ago.

The Cash Cows of Allen West

Allen West (Ahrah of Fla) is enraged.   After all the hard and unflagging work he has put into becoming one of the biggest topsails of the super-remunerative hate industry, and in record time, according to Politico he has been shortchanged on the amount of  the proceeds that have been solicited and received in his name.   In fact he could even be angrier at the scam pacs and what-not that are supposed to be supporting him but are instead stuffing their own pockets with a large part of all the $25 and $50 donations, than he is at the Sun, the Moon, goldfinches, and everything else that is good and decent in the world.

Too bad.   It couldn't happen to a nicer guy, right?   And guess what?   To call these outfits to account he has complained to the FEC, the Federal Election Commission.   Isn't that a part of the Government that he would nevertheless like to cut down in size to nothing more than a cash box for the war industry? -- that same government that is also still handing out to him benefits that in a just world would have been denied to him because of his bad behavior while he was in the military.

But West need not be dismayed.   Racial hatred, as it has been so stirred up into sight from America's lowest depths by the Repubs in the current election, has created more cash cows than they can shake their stick at, so that West has as many resources at his disposal as any blackguard could ever want.   He need only snarl.

If the main reason that the Republicans and their admirers are so hell-bent on disposing of B. Obama is not really because of his domestic record and is not really because of his foreign policy and is not really because he has evaded their blind bull rushes with all the grace and dexterity of a skilled matador, but is instead mainly because of his skin color, coupled with the failure of the U.S. to go to the dogs during his presidency despite all their best efforts to see to that, it could be that by now the Repubs have started wondering if it's not too late to focus on  saving A. West with the same intensity that they have spent on trying to unseat Obama.

I don't know how the polls are going in West's try for another shot at poisoning the national well.   As of a couple of days ago, if you googled that, you would get a jumble of reports like nothing you've ever seen, half saying that West is ahead of his opponent, Patrick Murphy, by something between 9 and 14 points, while the other half will claim that Murphy is ahead by exactly the same huge margin.  Whatever the case, West has been the very model of the bugaboo that the Republicans always like to trot out when they are in need of fresh material with which they can humiliate rainbows (i.e, "black people" in my language if not in yours, and never mind the gays -- American so-called "black" people sport all the colors of the human spectrum) in the Repubs' all consuming drive to shove rainbows and all other visible minorities back into the inferiority cage and this time lock the door for good.

This practice started when the Repubs, along with some badly misguided Democrats, foisted the supremely unqualified Clarence Thomas onto the Supreme Court, where, as they hoped, he has been nothing more than a dark lump of mute, petrified wood.   And as there is never a shortage of such rainbow opportunists, because the pay is so good, Thomas was soon followed by people like Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, who, as a result of the affiliation they chose, are lucky that they, along with GWBush, aren't sitting up in the Hague right now, defendants in a mass trial for war crimes, because of Iraq.

   In the Far Right's eyes, A. West has done a heck of a job, he really has, and so we should not be surprised if very soon now -- if they haven't already -- the Repubs will start thinking that maybe just a few tens of millions of those dollars intended for the two "R" boys would be just as well spent on trying to buy West’s re-election, since the spectacle that he has made of himself so starkly and truly facilitates the One Big Thing that feeds all their criminality during this election, and that is racial hatred.


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