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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Email to Bartcop

Below is a comment that I just sent off to Bartcop, an interesting and rambunctious entity and site that I've been reading since long before I got a weblog myself and that's  been 8 years already.   He just might print it on his site somewhere or put a link to it.  He likes showing emails critical of him.   He was so livid about Obama's conduct in the debate that he could barely control himself.   But then, though he is almost always on the decent side of matters, he suffers from the impulse to kick Democrats every chance he gets, and I just thought that, right now at least, he should know better.

With a bunch of changes, I could've sent off this same message to others who in my opinion should also know better, including the Pitt guy at Alternet, but I don't feel like it.  And anyway, it all seems so obvious to me.   As so often, I just don't understand how the differences in perception can be so stark!

Sorry, Bart, but in your zeal to pin petticoats on Democrats, one of your favorite activities, next to drinking Chinaco and playing Texas hold-up, which I think I can say as one of your regular readers over quite a few years, you have once again grabbed the sow by the wrong teat by so roundly condemning Obama here.

In so doing, in the midst of your many right-on-the-mark verdicts, here you have joined with a vengeance all the dummies who have been so ignorant of the importance of never rushing to make snap judgments -- or paying attention to snap polls  -- instead of waiting a few days to see which way the wind is blowing, and also for your mind to snap back to a more sensible shape.

Right now, a little over two days later, what I see are strong indications that Obama is coming out of this smelling pretty rosy.   So far what little we see of the polls indicates that he isn't any worse off now than he was before.  In fact he could be better off.   He is still drawing huge crowds with much more faith -- and good judgment -- than you're showing (did you see the picture of those 30,000+ that swarmed to see him in Wisconsin?), the unemployment sank to 7.8, Romney mainly showed his behind in the debates by his feverish and schoolyard bully behavior that couldn't have sat at all well with that biggest proportion of the electorate, the ladies, the biggest buzz that is going around is about all the lies he told, and above all, Big Bird, Kermit, Oscar, and all the others are on his case!

Maybe you need to get out of the mind-blipping air of Oklahoma worse than you think.   Meanwhile you also need to drop the dumb poker and instead start playing the game that really sharpens the mind, my game, chess, though, if you insist on coming out with lapses like this anti-Obama garbage, it's too late.
      --Carl, aka Sofarsogoo


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