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Monday, October 15, 2012

Okay. Did it.

I did it!   Tonight, at just about midnight on either the 14th or the 15th, I finally got myself together and I hit the Publish button, and now my first diary is out there, somewhere, on the Daily Kos.   And it is still titled "Money's Mooning of America," under the name that I use here, Sofarsogoo.   They said it's published to a new blog that I seem to have gotten there just by becoming a member, and I gave that one of my old trivia-playing names of years ago, Elderly Child.

The diary is on the longish side, and not just because I had to wait a week between becoming a DKos member and being able to publish a diary, during which time, naturally I thought of more things to add or to change.

I hope I didn't get too many facts -- or any -- wrong.   I kept trying to think of what could be wrong.   Anyway, it is more my usual side-off-the-wall and somewhat strong opinions anyway, than it is anything else.

Update: Three hours later the diary got its first comment, a favorable one! 

Meanwhile my mind, which never gives me a break at times such as this, keeps reading and re-reading the thing, trying to make sure it's still okay.

I guess this means that I'll be spending the rest of today dropping in there every once in a while, to see if anybody else read it and had something to say.   


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