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Sunday, October 21, 2012

About that Second Diary

After almost as much difficulty as I had with the first diary, in finding my way around Dkos's ways of doing things, I finally managed to post the second one there, about A. West, without any snags.

The main problem was that DKos shows two boxes where you can put your diary.   The first, smaller one is called the "Intro," and the second is called "Extended (optional.)"   Lacking any instruction to the contrary, when I was trying to post the first diary, the "Money Mooning" one, I assumed that the Intro was supposed to contain the first two or three paragraphs of the diary, while the Extended was for the rest.   But what happened was, first, that, probably because of my fumbling, only those three paragraphs that I put in there could be seen when it was published, while nothing of the rest of it ("Mooning" is on the longish side) appeared.

But it did appear that there was one comment, my own, in something called the "Tip Jar." and in the tip jar, which usually doesn't contain anything at all, was the whole diary, including those first three paragraphs.  That arrangement didn't strike me as being cool at all, but I didn't know what to do about it.   I couldn't even find out how to delete that diary so that I could start over.   I found instructions on how to, but it involved hitting buttons that were nowhere to be seen.

On top of that, after more fumbling, maybe by bringing up the whole diary anyway from that tip jar, "Mooning" appeared as hoped for, except that between the first three paragraphs and the rest was a large and unsightly gap.   Meanwhile the diary then did appear in Dkos's list of newly published diaries.   But, after only getting one comment, a favorable one, that mention of it disappeared along with everybody else's new ones, except the instant winners, as is the way of things, with dozens of new diaries there appearing every day.

But things went differently with this second one, mainly because I discovered that a whole diary could be stuffed into the Intro box.   And then, next, lo and behold, the next  night after I posted "Cash Cows," it was the second entry in a roundup of election-oriented diaries that appeared on DKos's very first page!   And along with that they had included the first 4 or 5 lines from the diary, with a couple of minor changes in what I had written.

However, it was late at night and I was so tired that I had no energy or the will to look into this further, and naturally a few hours later that version of the first page was long gone.   Things move very fast and fluidly at DKos, and you have to have a really bigtime diary for anything to stay visible there for long.   Maybe if I knew something about Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashian that nobody else knows.....  

Since then, however, I have seen nothing more of this second diary either, by not yet having mastered the art of navigating through the site.  But I did see, in one place, that it had gotten 3 comments, and in another that it had gotten the much-prized "recs" from 5 people, which doesn't quite line up, but never mind.   I am happy with that, and maybe later I'll try to see if I can find how many comments were really made and what they were.

These things take time, you know.


Anonymous karmanot said...

"These things take time." Yes, indeed. But, you are way ahead of many of us. Now that I am losing my nouns, the odd habit of reading the ingredient labels on grocery store foods to spirit out a potentially genetically engineered poison has become moot and robbed me of my favorite hobby, not to mention the social theater of appearing to be an eccentric old fool with a huge magnifying glass. Losing nouns has also reduced my poetry to haiku length and reminds me of a poet for my contempt knows no bounds: Gertrude Stein. When my paintings begin to resemble Ad Reinhardt's then surely the noun phase will have advanced into its visual denouement. While you master the intricacies of media I swim in the simplicities of resistance and wonder what it was like to draft the Constitution with a guill pen.----Thanks to Steve Bates I am now a regular reader. peace, Michael of

5:12 PM  

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