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Friday, March 02, 2012

No Way to Live in a Neighborhood

When I was a kid a very long time ago, on 53rd Place in the Capitol View neighborhood of Washington, D.C., somebody farther up the hill on that street kept a notably big and notably mean German Shepherd named "Bozo," and ever since, my generic name for bad, mad, big dogs has been the same.

Right now the leader of the ultra-pugnacious and badly misguided Lieberyahoo coalition government of Israel, B. Netanyahu, is about to drop in on President Obama once more, in order to take advantage of the urgencies of this American election year to deliver, once again, the message: "Sic' em, Bozo!"

Why is this not widely regarded as being what it really is -- a policy that is not only open cowardice on the part of the Israeli leadership, that it would demand to have company and a backup when, without further notice, they rain death and destruction on a neighboring country, Iran, that is no conceivable threat to it, immediately or at any time in the near or distant future? Therefore the Yahoos' intentions are also openly evil and destructive, to the utmost degree. (And they also show Jonathan Swift's amazing prescience in writing 300 years ago about a 4th group, called the Yahoos, that Gulliver encountered during his travels, who were not nearly as agreeable and interesting as the first three.)

If I were B. Obama, I would take great offense, on behalf of myself and of the country that I'm supposed to be leading, at having that country being regarded by the Israeli government, though not by the Israeli people on the whole, as being merely a big, ugly dog with a mouthful of huge, slavering teeth, that can be sicced on any of Israel's neighbors with devastating effect, on command. And therefore I would tell Netanyahu to shove it, with the accompanying admonition that that is no way to live in a neighborhood.

In his "Informed Comment" this morning, Juan Cole is running a post that consists of a picture of Mark Twain, plus Twain's question as to why it is that so many people are capable of displaying physical courage, while so few are capable of exerting moral courage. In this post Cole says nothing else, but it strikes me as being directed straight at not so much Obama as at so many of his more bloody-minded countrymen, as Obama confronts his miniature but loud visitor from way over on the other side of the known world.


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