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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

It's Halftime in America

B, the man who comes over here every Tuesday to tolerate yet another defeat at chess while his Pick's Disease-afflicted wife takes a walk with my wife, watched the Superbowl game on TV this past Sunday. Being a lifetime NY Giants fan, as well as having sports of all kinds hardwired into him, he would not have missed it under any any conceivable circumstance short of severe injury or death, and he was intensely gratified to see his team win. Yet, from where I stand, for him it was a big loss, because he watched only those moments of millionaires running up and down a field while fighting over the possession and whereabouts of a little leather ball , a spectacle whose huge popularity among the American populace, to the point of football being America's true biggest religion, has amazed and baffled me ever since I was old enough to put the finishing touches on having ordinary common sense.

Instead, knowing exactly how long the halftime TV ads would run before the game would resume, B. carefully devoted those 31 minutes or so to other pursuits before returning to the screen just in time for the second half kickoff, and thus he completely missed seeing the ad in which Clint Eastwood expounded at the behest of the Chrysler corp. This is tragic, because I wouldn't be surprised if long after the plays in that game and even who won or lost it are completely forgotten, people will still be referring to that ad, because of the huge yet totally unexpected significance it could easily turn out to have on one of the most crucial Presidential elections ever, the upcoming one that will determine whether or not the already deeply history-making B. Obama will serve a second term., and therefore whether or not the nation will be drawn down into the black pit of the American version of fascism sooner, as would be the case if the Republican won, or later or even not at all, if Obama, the Democrat, won. And B.'s luck here is all the worse because ordinarily he is also a political nut, too.

It is the exception that the right wingers instantly took to Eastwood's brief oratorical turn that is reponsible for the huge significance that that ad immediately assumed, and it is amazing -- and enlightening -- to see how livid it made them, though that is not surprising. To have Eastwood, a man who said he didn't think he had ever voted for a Democrat to be President, saying that an economic upturn, even the most modest one, is in progress was absolutely the last thing they wanted to hear, because they are praying that the American economy stay in the doldrums until election day seven long, painful months from now, so that they can keep hitting Obama over the head with it, and they have done all that is in their power to ensure that the economy stays in that stressful shape. Therefore they don't want anyone of any stripe to tell the American public that any sector of the economy is doing better, and never mind that it was under their Bush bird that things got this bad, and that it was that seme GWBush who, in his last days in office, then turned around and started that initiative that Obama pushed through Eastwood's disapproval and all kinds of other flak, to bail out the auto industry.

Eastwood's ad was called "It's Halftime in America." This refers, naturally, to the traditional peptalks that coaches traditionally give to their teams, wining or losing, in the locker room during the halftime. Some adversary said that the Obama people have not yet been able to find a slogan as it starts going in earnest. Could it be that the Chrysler corp has unintentionally found the perfect one for them, and being as how in some ways the ad, whose message was so clear, was also so subtle that nowhere in it was Chrysler mentioned, though some say they paid as much as 12 million for it, nor were any of the candidates or either of the political parties also spoken of, and could it also be that even as we speak Chrysler and the Obama people are in serious negotiations for the rights to that title, for its perfect use as the Democratic slogan for this latest of these all-important years? I hope so, though there is also the chance of the wrath that the always vengeful right-wingers might have decided to wreak on Chrysler car sales -- a weakening of the U.S. automotive comeback that in their eyes would also work to their diabolical advantage.


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