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Monday, January 30, 2012

Non-Regularity in Posting

I wonder why I am so unable to post something every day on this site, say, for at least a week running. Instead I'm averaging about one a week, if I'm lucky. After all, every day I visit a number of other sites, hoping to see something new, and usually that happens. It's not that I'm short of subjects. Every morning I wake up with my head buzzing with things I could say, and more come flooding in throughout the day. And it's not that I haven't already written a lot of stuff anyway --- some might say far too much, for a weblog that nobody reads. This coming April will mark eight years since I started this weblog, and in that time I've written over 1,250 posts -- very few of which are only two sentences long.

I guess it's because, having finished the two big jobs that I started at the beginning of this winter -- fixing the leaks in my homemade pumphouse and cleaning out and reroofing my also homemade (as is everything else around here except the vehicles) car shed -- I am now spending the rest of this winter, and longer if I can manage it, working on my big stained glass Iris window, morning, noon, and night, and I don't allot much time for anything else. But having steadily avoided even so much as looking at things like facebook and twitter -- as much because I don't like those ill-chosen names as for any other reason -- I still like having this site, and in fact I feel kind of distinguished in having kept it going for so long, after reading from time to time that the great majority of people abandon their blogs within a week or two of starting one.


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