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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Prudence Newly Acquired

You will notice that lately the Republicans have had little or nothing to say about "illegal immigration." Yet at the beginning of this election season it was a hot subject among all their candidates for President, and they presented views that seemed almost calculated to offend the many Latinos in the land.

Now that votes of many kinds are beginning to be taken, the Repubs must have decided on being prudent, with the hope that the Latinos have short or preferably no memories at all, and instead they have picked gays as their latest targets of choice, along with the Rainbows, i.e. "black people," whom they can ignore but never forget. There must not be nearly as many gay people in the country as there are Latinos, while, H. Cain notwithstanding, the Repubs know that most Rainbows flushed their party down the toilet quite a long time ago.


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