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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Disqualified Rascals

Rick Perry a little earlier and now Newt Gingrich have both been banned from having their names appear on the ballots in the Virginia Republican primaries three months from now.

As a Virginia transplant who wrote scveral posts on this site opposing both men and who would never vote in a Republican primary in any case, my first reaction was that it couldn't happen to nicer guys, and my next thought was that though I've heard of brain waves being able to exert remarkable power from afar, this is ridiculous.

This says something extremely unflattering about the supporters of both men. Being required to submit 10,000 signatures before a certain date, they must've been unable even to count up to that nice, round number -- a bad disability that seems to have extended to the candidates themselves, because it is known that Gingrich delivered his signatures in person.

Update: It appears that three of the chronically "single-digitees" among the formerly crowded Republican Presidential field also failed to scare up enough signatures in Virginia, provided that Bachmann, Huntsman, or Santorum bothered to submit any at all. Thus M. Romney, always the presumptive frontrunner, and his latest serious challenger, R. Paul, will have the Republican side of Virginia all to themselves this coming "Super Tuesday."

Well, at least that means they will enjoy having some much better-looking poll numbers in that state than they've been used to seeing in early bird Iowa and New Hampshire, where for months anything close to 25% has been considered to be good and even great.

Meanwhile Gingrich and his people have scratched back hard, claiming that the fault lies not with them but with Virginia and its primary system instead, and they've vowed to get around this humiliation by mounting a strong write-in campaign. They must have also failed to learn that in Virginia -- where the law is especially hidebound, being strong on passing questionable new laws while repealing few if any unnecessary old ones -- write-in votes are not permitted in primaries.

We'll have to see how well that old wink-wink nudge-nudge stuff holds up here.


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