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Monday, November 28, 2011

Letter from the Black Pit

The other day I got a letter from the H. Cain campaign. Besides saying other disgusting stuff, it asked me to send money to support his continuing effort, and they said $2,500 would be a good start.

I was amazed, and also highly dismayed, because I had thought the whole world knew that I am the very last person who should've been hit with something like this. Even the sight of my name and his on the same envelope induced feelings not far from nausea.

So far I have nevertheless been keeping this noisome curiosity piece, though at any given moment it is only seconds from being thrown into the fire.

I am still trying to figure out how my name got on one of H. Cain's campaign lists. It couldn't have been from voting records. I thought those campaigns only contacted people on their side of the wall, and I know you will believe me when I tell you that I have never ever voted Republican in any sense -- certain proof of my congenital good judgment.

Maybe somehow his people knew that I am a so-called "black man" in a certain age range, which he and they obviously equate with being idiots, as shown by one of his statements saying that people like me who always vote Democratic have been brainwashed. But I was never one of those bone-headed "brothers" who believed Cain's golddust twin, Clarence Thomas, instead of Anita Hill. Or maybe this is a case of some Republican "friend" playing what they regard as a harmless little "joke," which is not harmless at all.

Actually this missive from the H. Cain people amounts to being a colossal scam, because of the fact that the process I've been predicting is now in full swing, and that rascal is now being dumped overboard by the side with which he threw in his lot. Once the darling of the conservative Repubs and the media, now you rarely see Cain's name mentioned, even though he is reported as being still one of the frontrunners in the Iowa caucuses, which are scheduled to take place soon, when finally things will suddenly start getting serious.

Instead all the Republican fuss is now being expended on a fossil from ancient times, Newt Gingrich, though that could all easily be just wishful thinking, to avoid thinking about the man whom the so-called "smart money" still sees as being the eventual and inevitable Repub choice, the chameleon man, Willard Mitt Romney.

So any money sent to H. Cain at this moment will be funds sent by fools even more than usual, and will just go to line his capacious private pockets, that have undoubtedly already been stuffed full by this little fling of his in presidential politics, and he will be very happy.

If you've ever sought the ultimate definition of utter grossness, surely this current positioning of H. Cain would be a great candidate.


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