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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where is Sarah Palin, Now That the R's Need Her So Much?

The absolute necessity of not choosing any of the Republican candidates for President during this election cycle couldn't have been more obvious than it was last night, during the 9th debate at which they all have been gathered. The efforts of this group, which has long since been dubbed -- and with great aptness -- the "Crazy Eight," seems to have reached its nadir when the guy from Texas, R. Perry, while trying to name three government agencies that he would eliminate should he win that office, absolutely could not remember one of them, nor could he even find that info in his paper crib notes. And so, after what is reported even by CNN, as having been a full minute of his fumbling up there on the stage in Michigan, for all the world to see, he finally gave up, even with people trying their best to help jog his memory, and afterward even Perry admitted that for all his efforts to improve on his many past debate stumbles, he had merely managed to put his best foot forward into an even deeper pile of Texas-size cow excrement.

For the record, the three departments that he thinks should be axed are those of Commerce, Education, and the one that he could not name, Energy. It seems especially odd that he would forget that one, because all along he has been pushing the idea that the country can only be saved by following his state's example in exploiting to the limit all sources of energy, though I wonder how many people, for instance in and around the Dallas- Fort Worth area, would say the same, in light of how their region is directly in the headlights of being badly torn up and their water contaminated by that ruinous technique of drilling for natural gas called "fracking?"

Actually, however, no one can be more sympathetic than I am when it comes to freezing up completely in front of an audience, and that is one reason, though not the main one, why I have largely avoided the whole idea of appearing before audiences of any kind, and especially never in that most fearful form of public speaking: debates. And so, for instance, I guess ever since I was a child I have happily entertained the notion of messing up on purpose, should I ever somehow be forced up on a stage in some sort of performance. In fact I think I would forget the Department of Energy merely because I would be too busy amusing myself with the notion of a purely intentional slip-up.

Another thing about this Perry mess is that it makes me wonder if he has followed at all the meteor trip through the doubtful skies of political acclaim of his fellow but now aborted Republican candidate for the Presidency, Sarah Palin? Unlike Perry, it didn't take her long to recognize her limitations in not knowing all the facts, and she soon resorted to taking advantage of the pretty, pale palms of her hands by inscribing them with her crib notes just before she faced any TV cameras.. The answer must be that, even if he had been aware of that strategy, such is Perry's mental incapacity that he would have needed a lot more than just two hands.

And that reminds me. Where is Ms Palin, now that the Repubs need her so much?

Today one thing is certain. The Crazy Eight certainly couldn't have fared any worse if she had been included in their number, even if it meant that thereby they would have had to be redubbed "the Nasty Nine."


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