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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Dismantling of Herman Cain

It's funny and, for a change, not tragic.

Now that Herman Cain has served his purpose of furthering the illusion that the Republicans have long desired to put over on the American people, namely that they are all-inclusive and are indeed the "Big Tent," they want to shove him aside and leave him to perform, at best, in the circus sideshow outside the tent, while the Republicans decide which of the designated Big Two, M. Romney of Massachusetts or R. Perry, of Texas, gets to be the next President of the United States, as if the current holder of that office and the certain Democratic candidate, B. Obama, doesn't even exist. The Repubs have no doubt about their eventual success next year, because they feel that their absolute refusal to work with Obama has made him so unpopular and because, like Cain, he is also a Rainbow, and to them that means that he can and should always be easy to edge completely out of the scene.

It will be interesting to see how that concept works out for the Repubs, with respect to (and not for) Cain. as well as for the U.S. as a whole when it comes to B. Obama.

Hasn't the G.O.P. seen by now how H. Cain is nothing if not a king-sized egotist? And don't they know that when not taking time out to participate in the debates, he has been going around on a tour for his recently published book instead of engaging in much regular political campaigning? And don't they know that his book that he is so eager to sell is about the path of his life that culminates in his walking into the White House and calling it his new home? And don't they know that true egotists eventually jump beyond their initial cynicism that prompted their initial authorship, and they come to believe fervently in what they wrote in their own books?

I don't know. It may be that Cain does indeed accept his role as merely just another part of the infernal apparatus that so far as been so financially fruitful for him, and therefore he will gladly step aside in the correct deference to his masters.

But I doubt it.

He has tasted too much of the unlikely. In a very short time H. Cain has leaped from the bottom row of the Repub candidates all the way, in polls of somebody or another, to be the leader in the top row, despite having to backtrack on half the things that come out of his mouth. And as the weeks keep going by and instead of fading out after his turn as the so-called latest "Flavor of the Month," he continues in this phenomenon of actually outpolling both the Chosen Ones, Perry and Romney, he is turning out to be a big problem not only for the Republican Party but also for their handmaids, the U.S. news and pundit media. So, they ponder how to get rid of him since all else appears to be failing?

"I know what will do it," it's easy to picture the Conservative strategists saying. "How about a slight injection of that essential ingredient called 'sex?' That is sure to work in Herman's case," they assert, "especially because he's a Rainbow, and everybody knows how sexually out of control they are. And the great thing about this is that we can always blame the Left for unearthing a charge of past sexual transgressions and leveling it against him. That would surely fly, because the thinking of our beloved polling and voting dummies would be, why would we, the glorious Right, be responsible for bringing such a thing to light? After all, haven't we demonstrated the purity of our hearts by allowing Mr. Cain into our little vaudeville act despite his undesirable color and even to become not just the end man but to become the actual star of the show, thereby setting in stone the proposition that we are not racists. ==Magnificent! Let's go with it, shall we?"

And so they have gone with it. I am certain of that, because otherwise the Repubs were getting desperate Their program had drifted too far out of kilter even for them, and too much time had gone by when nothing else, not even the demonstrated and habitual Cain verbal idiocies (to say nothing about the obvious shortcomings of Romney and Perry) was working for their plan


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