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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beauty and the Unspeakable

Bartcop, that irascible and ardent lover of certain brands of tequila and Texas poker, has been running a pic of Sarah Palin that makes her appear to be as inviting and therefore of a certain warm, inspirational nature as any that anyone has ever seen of her. And whether or not this image is photoshopped or is a photo of someone else -- it seems incredibly easy for various ladies in the performance business to assume amazingly close likenesses to her -- this brings up once again the age-question of how an endlessly evil mind can exist within a gorgeous physical appearance. For isn't one reason that we take such pleasure in seeing physical beauty in a woman is that we assume that it is always accompanied and even made only possible by at least a modest amount of pleasing mental attributes? Few things pose this question as vividly as the being of S. Palin, and this is the greatest and so the only gift that J. McCain ever gave to the world.

I believe that the unavoidable pondering on this probably unanswerable question, if only by a certain number of the males in this world, is why it is so impossible to wipe her completely off the bulletin board of national attention, no matter what she does or doesn't do -- or, more accurately, what she does or does not say.

And for the same reason, it is undoubtedly nothing less than divine providence that she continues to live somewhere in the far reaches of Alaska, with seemingly no inclination ever to leave there, and where few people will ever have good reason to go, and never mind the wonders of present-day communications.


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