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Friday, January 13, 2012

Names of Things

One of my lifetime things has been naming things. Therefore it's no accident that the only thing I clearly remember about a thriller of scarcely eight years ago (whose title I have forgotten) was how fond the chief villain was of saying, "Give it a name." I thought it was heavyweight cool to go around saying that all the time.

Last night, while googling for the umpteenth time the brightness problem on my monster CRT monitor, I was astonished to find listed my own post on this subject in this weblog, published just a few weeks ago, and on the second page no less! And it looked exactly as if it belonged there.

I don't often -- well, never -- see my scribbles appearing in the distinguished pages of the Google search engine for literally all the world to see, and I knew where the fault lay -- in the title I had given to that post. It was too openly indicative of what the post was about.

There are two kinds of titles: the obscure ones and the fully applicable ones, and I am just as proficient at coming up with the former as I am with the latter.

Is this a problem? Is it necessary to change my ways when it comes to the names of my posts? Not at all.

Ah, the comforts and security of utter obscurity!


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