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Sunday, February 05, 2012

Russia's and China's Cruel Veto

As expected, Russia and China have vetoed a U.N. resolution that deplores all the killing that goes on daily in Syria, as the regime of Bashar al-Assad fights to stay in power through sheer military force.

The Russians and the Chinese are therefore okay with seeing a family that has already been ruling Syria with an iron hand for 40 years killing its subject Syrians by the thousands, as was already done once before by Assad pere in even greater numbers.

The reasons given by the Russians show that the vetos couldn't possibly have been the work of rational people. The Russians said the resolution "singled out" al-Assad and his family. That's crazy. Who else is giving the Syrian army the orders to fire at will upon the citizens? The Russians, well-known for replying in kind, also deplored those protestors who are shooting back.

These wacko vetos can only be because both the Russians and the Chinese of whatever stripe have long histories of giving protestors of any kind very short ends of the stick.


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