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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Confessions of a One-Shot Poster

Maybe I am indeed a cowardly and chicken person and poster. I would never argue with the certainty of others that I am.

All I know is that I am not here online or offline to get into any fights, by word or deed. So every once in a great while, if I get worked up about something , I pull myself together enough to drop a comment on someone else's site, but I never hang around to see what responses I get, if any. Earlier in my online days I would linger to see, and usually the reactions to something I had said were not generally as hostile as I had expected. But now I am a little older still, and nothing ever motivates me to tarry -- unless it's somebody like Guy Andrew of Rook's Rant. In his case it's always my motive to pull his chain to get a response, and he never disappoints. A weblogist like him serves valuable purposes.

In all the other cases, I wonder if what is happening is that in my mind I've already had the confrontation with whoever might take issue, in detail, and it was not pleasant or enlightening. I'm good at doing that == probably a result of so many years of concocting numerous dialogs in that slew of my unpublished novels. I can hear extended conversations unreeling in my mind at the drop of a hat, between two participants or with five or six.

Like almost anything else, sometimes that's a handy facility to have, while on other occasions it takes me too far out in places where I definitely don't want to be.


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