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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Snow's Last Chance

I am one of those people who, when they hear that a storm is coming, stays up late at night to see it happening. But this winter I haven't had much to look forward to, because here, as in other sections of the country, it's been so unusually warm, though we have had our long stretches of cold mornings, but nothing below 10 F.

I am informed that I am not alone in looking forward to the snow especially. Snow is a funny thing. Seeing it fall is one of the greatest gifts that Nature affords us. But it can also be like a house guest that stays too long. After about three days I want it to suddenly disappear, poof! Just like that! But if it is a real snow, four inches deep or more, it often gets other ideas and tries to stick around for weeks.

A couple of days ago, we finally had a real snow, and yesterday morning we awoke to see nearly four inches of it standing in one of our snow guages, the roof atop our sun room. It was quite a sight, but this time the snow never had a chance, I guess because it is late February. The temp rose to 50, and by 1 in the afternoon all the snow had dropped off the trees in various, dramatic showers, and our transportation was no longer trapped at the bottom of our driveway -- the only real objection I have to the snow sticking around for as long as it pleases.


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