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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Defilement of a Death

If there was ever any doubt as to the complete evil of the kind of people who eat, drink, and sleep the toxic wastes of that internet and media dump called the "Fox Cable News Network," their reactions to the death a few days ago of a singer of popular songs named Whitney Houston should sweep those away forever.

Though I admire many forms of music, for some reason unknown to me I was never into her kind of renditions, and for that reason I didn't pay the slightest attention to Whitney Houston during her lifetime of a mere 48 years. Even among the myriad pop songs that I recorded off of FM radio over the years and collected into my 120+ 4- and 8-hour "concept" VCR tapes and DVD's, I don't think I accidentally included even one that she sang, and I have no idea of what her biggest hits were, nor can I remember any of what I understand were the special circumstances of her life. Therefore there's no way I can feel qualified to join the much hipper legions who have been mournfully singing her praises.

But I have been badly struck by one special circumstance that I know of only by the second- and third-hand testimony of other weblogs. And they report that a comment thread over at Fox now has run up to over 5,000 posts in which those teeny meanies (the "teeny" referring to their very limited brain capacities) of the Fox Lower Depths have celebrated Ms. Houston's tragic death by making remarks concerning her that are so consistently obscene that, contrary to their usual custom, none of those weblogists have been able to bring themselves to show even one of those comments as an example, for fear of fatally contaminating their own sites.

Still I've been wondering what these right-wingers could find to say about Ms Houston and her death that would merit such a gigantic spit session on their part. For all of not knowing anything about her, I was living on the same planet as she and keeping reasonably aware of much of the newsworthy events of that and other periods. Yet I can't recall ever hearing anything about her and the things that she said or did that should have aroused such deep and instant hatred upon her death. I mean, even if we were to buy the admiration of her by the late and unlamented arch-terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, as indicated by a very far-fetched tale told by a Sudanese poet, paralleled the actually documented way that another similarly newly deceased Middle East villain, M. Gadhaffi, was taken with another Rainbow female notable, though not nearly as accomplished a woman, Condoleezza Rice, that should not have been enough to raise anything close to that much rage and the desire to defile.

After all, for all their many undeniable faults, those Mediterranean rascals did at least show a few signs of having had good taste in women, at least from afar, as was first indicated when after 9/11, it was disclosed that those who hijacked and crashed those four airliners were told, while they were in the U.S. preparing for the event, that they should preferably hook up with Mexican women, because "they make the best wives." And, if I had not already seen, twice, a fascinating little 2006 documentary called "Cowboy Del Amor," about a guy in New Mexico who specialized in crossing the Rio to find wives for American male crusties like himself, just recently this impression was further bolstered by a comment I saw posted by a "white" man who lived in Los Angeles or some such place, and he said that, as for the much feared dilution of his majority by the influx of immigrants from south of the border, illegal or otherwise, he didn't give a royal damn if the proportion of his to them did drop, because he was so appreciative of all the "Latinas" that he had been seeing all over the place.

The fact that I was not myself born to be one of the Masters of the Universe puts me into an even better position to understand all that.


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