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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Posting Frequency, Snow, and the Solstice

I find it amazing once more to have thought that I just posted something a couple of days ago and then find that actually it was two weeks ago, or more.

Ordinarily I blame this on the usual culprit of time speeding up so greatly with age, when actually there are a lot more reasons.   Some of it this time I blame  on one of my favorite whipping boys these days -- the snow, and my newly acquired fear of it.

In the midst of a very protracted sub-freezing period, which is chopping down our so proudly acquired big woodpile bigtime, we had a five-inch snowfall a week ago.  I predicted that much of that would still be the ground in time for the next storm, and so it has happened.   The bottom half of our driveway is still covered with snow and ice, and Esther has only been able to venture out into the world in her little Saturn, which we had parked up the hill near the road, with her inherited Cadillac sitting unused at my workshop and my little 21-year-old Isuzu pickup really behind the guff, at the bottom of the driveway close to the house.  And now there's a 60 percent chance for another snowstorm on Christmas Day and roundabouts.   Good news for all the vast legions of Christmas people, and we are happy for them, though we long ago stopped being part of them.  (Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men, and presumably Women, too, should be remembered and celebrated all year long and not just on one day of the year.)

Still traumatized by last year, and one year feebler, I haven't tried to clear the whole driveway with shovel and concrete hoe as I did last year, because of all the other stuff that I feel still will come, with Jan and Feb not even here yet.

But my favorite day of the year, the Winter Solstice, arrived yesterday, and now the days will start getting longer and longer and the nights shorter and shorter -- for a while.   I never tire of being reminded how at least that immutable law of the planetary motions can still always be counted on, snow or heat.


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

That is an excellent attitude to have and I am glad the Solstice has passed us and we can start looking forward to spring. Longer days, shorter nights and WARM.

(I should not whine, I wore short sleeves to work)

1:32 PM  

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