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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Vivid Vision in the Darktime

I have to say that I am an especially accomplished dreamer, both in my waking hours and when I am asleep.   But every once in a while one of my dreams will outdo itself and remains imprinted on my memory permanently.   Last night I had one of those.

I was in some country in Central Eastern Europe, maybe in Germany, and after spending a lot of time observing some kind of a strange ceremony, I was getting ready to go back home.   But all of a sudden, up in the clear blue sky appeared a most amazing sight.  Across the sky at an altitude of a few thousand feet was arrayed a long and perfectly lined up row of closely spaced guided missiles, the kind that are made to be fired from nuclear submarines and underground silos and that are loaded topful with nuclear warheads.

It wasn't clear what direction they were headed in, though I thought it was most likely to the east.   In any case there  must have been 50 or 60 of them.

Everyone around me knew exactly what the sight meant, but the enormity of the purpose of all those missiles was so great, and the impossibility of anything being done about it was so complete that there was no panic, and so instead nearly everyone just kept calmly going on with whatever they had been doing.

--Except that a formerly close friend who has been deceased for some time was there, and he was supposed to give me a lift home in his car, but he instantly hopped into his machine and left me there with that incredible sight of all those flying missiles, all aligned in the neatest of rows.

I can't really say what would have caused my subconscious to come up with this vision.

It could have been a reflection of my reaction toward the recently concluded midterm Congressional elections, which I call the country's latest March into Stupidity, as shown by the many Republican victories in them.   But I have seen such a thing happen many times before.   It is true that every such event moves the country one step closer to the Black Pit of Fascism that is so easy to see, waiting just  ahead.   Still the Fall here, with the turning of the colors of the leaves, is as beautiful as ever, and anyway, anything that happens with the House of Representatives collectively always turns out to be of little to no consequence, whether the members are decent or not.

What was more disturbing about those elections is that they showed how mean-spirited the American electorate is in especially this year.

A past Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neill, is famous for saying, "All politics is local." But I disagree.  I think there is a strong case for saying instead that a great deal of politics is racial, or "bigotry on sight."   I think that principle applies to most places in the world, but especially to here,  and that is what was seen in this election, despite the determined effort by most of the majority of Americans to keep that guiding circumstance carefully under wraps but in strong practice, as they have through most of the nation's history.


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