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Thursday, September 09, 2010

BIG RETRACTION!! -- Cost of Rabies Test

In a post a few weeks ago about my wife's friend who was attacked by a gray fox and had to take rabies shots, I wrote that, as per what my wife thought she had been told, the tests that the state makes to establish whether or not the shots are necessary cost $375,000.

I strongly questioned that figure, but at the time my wife firmly stood by it, because it was what she thought she had heard, and so I trustingly had gone along with it.   But just a moment ago I found that I had been badly tripped up by a failure to communicate, which is not uncommon when you have two or more women, both of whom have been known to get a little over-exuberant in their volubility, talking with each other, and now K. says that she never said the test cost that incredible amount.   Instead K. insists that she said $375, which she, however, still thought was exorbitant, for in some states it (apparently) is less than $100.
Now my wife is very embarrassed and so am I.  At the time I had thought about going on the Internet and checking on what that cost is in various states, but the many issues that keep me from doing a huge number of things also withheld doing that from my mind, though now that I've been told how utterly wrong that figure was, I've cut that little tidbit out of that post.

 I guess I had also just lumped that in with the myriad other things that I hear about, mostly having to do with human behavior, that are much more inexplicable, and at times even more costly in many ways. 


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