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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Bad Check: Washington's Defilement Today

Today, from what I read, a curious thing is slated to happen in the Nation's Capital, and it makes me glad that instead of being right there at the original March on Washington, as I was exactly 47 years ago today, in this later era I am close to 170 miles away.   Others will not be so lucky, for this will be an event best avoided at all costs.

What will happen is that people of all odors of the Right Wing have been as busy as can be doing the political counterpart of one of the activities for which New York City is so famous, namely walking along behind their dogs while studiously scooping up and bagging their defecations -- that is, if these dogowners have any concern at all about keeping the city's streets as clear as possible of the odors and the mess and the health risks of canine poop.

   These New Yorkers probably pop their loaded doggy bags into the nearest trash receptacle and go on about the rest of their business, but these rightwingers have another purpose, rooted in their belief that their canine poop is the pure gold of inherited "wisdom" thoroughly infused with the naked hatred that they feel toward all sorts of people though especially people with recent African ancestry, a hatred cunningly disguised under thin layers of other causes, such as honoring the military, the ostensible goal behind what is supposed to happen in Washington, D.C., today.

Or, better, what is supposed to happen to Washington D.C. today.

Because what D.C, is in for, this afternoon, will be to suffer having having tons and tons of right wing dog excrement trucked into the city and dumped on its most hallowed ground, the small area in which the Lincoln Memorial sits.

On that spot 47 years ago today the Great 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington culminated in a speech about half an hour long and delivered by  the Reverend Martin Luther King that turned out to be one of the three greatest orations ever given or at least are on record, the other two being Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, and Pericles' Funeral Oration a few thousand years ago.   But today a bunch of mainly salt Teabaggers, augmented by the usual specks of pepper Judas Goats, will not in any way be trying to observe the anniversary of that most illustrious event of 1963.   Instead they will try to use the legacy not merely of Rev. King, but of all the Civil Rights workers who worked so hard and at so much risk trying to make the U.S. more conscious of the longtime errors of their constant misdeeds against the slaves from Africa and their descendants.   The Tea (or Doggy) baggers will try to usurp and actually turn this legacy against the people that the Civil Rights Movement successfully helped, with the intention of eventually repealing every means by which Rainbows (also but sloppily called "Blacks,") came closer to gaining first class citizenship.

In his speech King pointed out how Rainbows had, with the end of slavery, nevertheless been given a bad check, which, when they tried to cash it, was returned with the marking of "insufficient funds."

If King and all those others of us who were around in 1963 thought that was a bad check, they should see what is being offered to us today in 2010 by the conservative bad fraction of the U.S. population, even though -- and mostly because -- the country now has a President who is, by genes and by environment -- one-quarter Rainbow.   (He is commonly referred to by those who conveniently or lazily discount the importance of environment as being "half-black," but that is totally ridiculous.)

In today's event, which will not be a march but just an agglomeration, the Teadoggybaggers will try to disguise their intents by using honeyed words of respectability, but the targets of their bile -- the many segments of the American population against whom their wide-ranging attacks are directed, mainly Rainbows but also the Latinos, the Muslims, the unemployed, the medically uninsured, the gays, social security recipients, and many others -- will know exactly what sort of refuse these baggers will be dumping on Washington and the nation wholesale today.
The main result of this event, however, should be to make it clear how these rightwingers defile everything they touch, ranging from that most revered landmark of the Civil Right Movement right on down to tea, though we can expect that in time, such are the ways in which the otherworldly wronged redress themselves, that most noble term and beverage will find ways to correct that situation.



Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

And yet obviously intelligent people don't get it. They don't WANT to get it, but they don't.

It is a sad day that people gather to see Beck and Palin babbling about God and attempting to push us back into the 1800s.

11:58 AM  

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