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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Poisoned Edges of the Snowflakes

   Did you know that radioactive particles are especially fond of clustering on the edges of snowflakes?  If true, maybe that could be seen as being an especially nice touch on the part of a deeply offended Mother Nature.
In a magazine geared toward American military veterans you will find yet another interesting article in which someone warns us of how close the Ultimate Apocalypse is upon us.   The author not only advises but even commands everyone in Russia and in the European Union to evacuate immediately.  He doesn't say where to or how.  He just says, "Leave yesterday!"

The reason?   Russia is now in the grip of not just a few but thousands of forest fires, and among other disastrous results, old, heavily contaminated H-bomb factories and other places with radioactive shrubbery and things are sending up huge amounts of radioactive particles in smoke that will spread far and wide.   In a word, the nuclear chickens that kept us safe from Democracy and also the Red Scare are coming home to roost.

The comments to this article are worth reading, too.   They are unusually short on the ego flare-ups that ultimately bog down most substantial comment sections in a torrent of B.S.   That must mean that this is indeed a serious matter.


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