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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Months ago. in the upper RH corner of my Blogger dashboard for this weblog, I noticed a strange notation.   It said, without explanation, "1 follower."

Not having any idea what that meant, I did what has worked well for me through the years, and that is to do precisely nothing.  

Except that a few months later I did get around to clicking that mysterious notation, and I saw that it had something to do with LeftLeaningLady.

That led me to think that maybe it also had something to do with "Twitter," a something or another that seems to be on the minds of millions around the world.   But, still not knowing what that was all about, I thought it was best to fall back on my usual mode of functioning in such situations, and that was to take no action.

But the "follower" just waited, patiently.

Then, just the other day I saw that that notation had changed, and now it said, "2 followers."

Still having no idea who or what is being followed, I am busy following my favorite course of action in such situations, for it has stood me well through the years, and that is to do exactly nothing, while hoping that it doesn't offend the not one but now two "followers.".  As one who doesn't care for following any more than he cares for leading, that concept is the cause of some embarrassment for me.

Still I notice that more and more twittering has become a bigtime activity, and it seems to be one of the first gadgets that the news makers reach for in their handy toolbags, right after the cellphones..

I clicked on a  site that Steve Bates linked to Jack Krugman, a famous columnist of these days.  If I am not mistaken  Krugman had originally twittered these remarks, in which he claims that America is literally going dark, because of the all-consuming drive to limit government, which has resulted in cutbacks to all the activities that make a nation and a civilization, and as a result, America is going to nowhere.

I can't agree with that statement, and I think it can safely be discarded in the same bin as that famous but ridiculous  statement that a guy named Francis Fukuyama made some years ago and that a lot of people who should've known better bought into, I guess because it sounded so clever and sophisticated and precious, to the effect that "the end of history" had been reached.

I think that just as history is as long-lasting as time, if Krugman ever took the time to wait and look, he would see that America is always going somewhere, though it may not always be the "there" that we desire.

But Krugman's paucity of pigmentation probably prevents him from being able to see what the "Darkening of America" really means.   The slaves from Africa and their descendants have already seen the country reach that point and recognized it for what it was, several times.    It seems to be an orbital matter.


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

On my Blogger Dashboard, at the bottom, it shows a brief blurb of the weblogs that I am "following." That way I do not have to come look at your 'blog every day. If you post something new, it shows up down there and I know to come check it out. :-) I don't Twitter. At least not yet.

9:11 AM  

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