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Saturday, July 17, 2010

No Beetles, Yet

For the third straight year, so far, that scourge of those beautiful shrubs and trees, the Rose of Sharons, aka Altheas, and of many other plants,  the Japanese beetles, have not shown up for their usual munchings in the wrong places.

They had better hurry.   They don't have much time left, because in little more than a month it will be time for them to leave again.

I wish I knew the cause of their absences, which I had thought could never happen.

Climate change?

I'll bet a lot of people are staying silent and holding their breaths,  as much in the hope that that is true as also in the fear that they shall return, to use the words of General D. MacArthur in the War.   (The Second World War, naturally.  What other war has there been?)


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