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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sympathy with those in all the Russias -- the Heat

Just as until a few days ago in this part of the eastern U.S.,  the people, places, and things in all the Russias (a term that all those baritones with the tremendous vocal chords used to intone during the coronations and other political ceremonies of old)  have had to deal with a massive heat wave and the usual accompanying drought.   They are getting temperatures of 35 C., and hardly any rain since last winter.

On my combination Fahrenheit/Centrigrade outdoors thermometer, 35 degrees C corresponds to about  95 degrees F.  That is extra hot, but still, a couple of weeks ago it was so hot here that at times we greeted 95 with relief.

As it is well known that Moscow and all those types of places get some of the toughest winters around,  some Russians have decided that they will deal with the heat in much the same way that they have always dealt with the cold, and having some fun while they're at it.  They've been gathering on the shores of rivers and lakes and partying, with the help of generous intakes of vodka.   Then they go swimming.

They must be the ones that account for the several hundred deaths that the Russians are blaming on this heat wave.

Undoubtedly large swigs of vodka help with the cold,, but that's obviously not an all-season solution,  and I would like to inform those imbibers that are left that they need to figure out something else..

I thought that beating the heat was why all the czars grabbed all the Siberias.


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