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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So What Else Happened Yesterday?

I got shot in the eye.

Yesterday morning my illustrious and (most of the time) accommodating wife, E. drove us on another epic trip, this time southward to the far side of Lynchburg, (about 35 miles), to see one of my two eye doctors.   They have a kind of partnership office closer to our home,  in the county seat..   He had already done laser surgery on my better eye, the left, a year or more ago, and after an examination here  a few days ago, he thought I finally needed to have the worse right one lasered, too, at his office in the city.

He said it wouldn't hurt a bit.

It hurt me.   But I don't see how anybody wouldn't recoil uncontrollably, even though a nurse for whom one has an unusual amount of admiration has her wonderful hand pressed firmly on the back of his head so as to keep it pressed tightly against the mechanism, because I wasn't going to keep it there on my own, for sure,, while the doctor hit a button that caused a blast of the most intense greenish-yellow light to explode in my eye about once every second for, I guess, 50 seconds.  If your eyes are like mine, and I'm assuming that they are, then you know that eyes don't take kindly to being hit, on their inside or outside, and for many of the best reasons for anything..

This doctor's ides was to punch tiny holes in the back of my eye, because I have glaucoma, and the holes are necessary to relieve the pressure on the optic nerve that causes that condition.

Right now, my eye doesn't feel any the worse for that beneficial assault on it, though, for a while after the operation I felt as if I had been punched in the eye, not by a human -- that is an experience I have never had, and I'm sure it is even worse, because of the psychological component -- but by something like a door or an overhanging branch..  But now, a day later, I can hardly feel it.

Next on my visual agenda  is cataract surgery at some point, for I'm told that I  have them in both eyes, especially in the right.   But for now I can still carry on my normal activities, outside of reading street signs.   But maybe that is because my incorrigible 12 years younger wife drives past too fast to give me time to read them. .


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