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Monday, August 09, 2010

She's B=a=a=ck!

Every once in a while an online friend drops out of sight.   I have done this myself, and in fact I have become a longtime dropout in the AOL trivia game world that I inhabited to an intense degree some years ago, and there might be still some people over there who remember me and have wondered what happened, the same as I still wonder whether they are still around and what they're doing.  Maybe I could still find out, merely by reactivating my AIM, the AOL instant message function, provided that it still works.   But something bizarre in my mindset keeps me from doing that -- maybe the way that in AIM people can drop down on you from out of the blue and you can't see them coming..

Nowadays, instead of using Instant Messages, I communiicate with other people mostly by reading weblogs and occasionally by sending comments to those weblogs, but rarely by emails.
And every once in a while people stop putting stuff on their weblogs, and I don't know what has happened.

Usually they're like me these days.   Five or six days zip by before they realize that it's been that long since they put up something.   But sometimes the absences are much longer, and as such they're filled with that much more mystery.

So far the record holder is an Iraqi young lady who called herself "Riverbend," and she kept up an always interesting weblog called "Baghdad Burning."   The link in my sidebar over there still works, and you can see how long it's been since she said something.   That very last message to us is especially worth reading.  And it was preceded by several years of equally worthy information, because she wrote them in the early days of the GWBush criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq, during which she and her family held on for as long as they could while Baghdad and Iraq gradually fell apart and they were finally forced to flee to Syria, and since then nothing has been heard from Riverbend on that site.

This year, closer to home, the second worse such calamity happened, though to a much lesser degree of pain, though still with some.

Left-Leaning Lady, the most indispensable of the several indispensable weblogists that I read every day, disappeared for seven or eight months, starting in December of this year.   Every few days I would check in, only to see the same post there, month after month, while that post meanwhile accumulated 70 or 80 disreputable comments, like one of those equestrian statues in D.C. accumulating pigeon droppings, the majority of it spam from overseas.   But I wasn't worried, because I knew she was in a very heavy academic thing, going back to college while in her early 40's.   Plus she always has many other admirable things on her plate.

Then, one day last week I saw she was back, and long enough to have already thrown five or six substantial new posts up on her site, which is called "My Musings."

And one more thing was again right with the world.

Too bad that the old expression, "All's right with the world," can't be used there, with so much in a steady state of decay and collapse all around us -- though they have finally plugged that gusher in the Gulf of Mexico, close to Lady's Florida digs in what she calls "the Redneck Riviera.".


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

You are the sweetest man! Thank you so much. I have 2 more posts up today alone, I was silent for far too long.

And school officially started back yesterday, but I am not taking as heavy a load this term. I do not wish to have my weblog sit and collect pigeon droppings again.

2:13 PM  

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