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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Obama's Manhattan Profile in Courage

Somebody wants to build a tall mosque and community center close to where the Twin Towers and other buildings were demolished with great loss of life during 9/11.   I don't know why anybody would want to put that or anything else anywhere near there.   "Ground Zero" should be left simply as a huge, naked crater, without any engraved words.  And besides, New York City already crossed over into indecency and sheer ugliness with its many bloated buildings as long as 150 years ago

President Obama has decided to put in his two cents, by saying that as long as it is in accord with local ordnances, which it is, then the building of the mosque should be allowed to go forward.   To do otherwise is to go against our prized freedom of religion in this country.

The USA Today newspaper led off their recent take on his contribution to the matter by saying said that Obama made a national issue of what till then had been a local issue.   USA Today needs some better thinkers on their editorial staff.

  First of all, this is about something that happened in New York City, and the people in New York City have long ago made sure that anything that happens in New York City, anything at all, is seen in the rest of the country as being of national importance.  And second, the proposal of building this mosque has been bubbling on the national stove ever since the idea became known, months ago.  For even more than being about New York City, this is about 9/11, Bin Laden's victory that Americans have been, unconsciously, celebrating ever since that day and using as an excuse to inflict wrongs on many other countries as well as on American citizens themselves, through stuff like the Patriot Act and making air travel an exercise in unpleasantness, similar to court cases.

Making this statement is probably the most courageous thing B. Obama has done so far during his Presidency, because it is bound to draw a huge storm of brickbats from his many detractors -- so numerous, in fact, that he probably figured he didn't have anything to lose by standing not merely on principle but also on an honorable one.


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

I do love it when I am proud of him and this made me proud. He did (from what I heard this morning on the radio) waffle on Saturday about it though.

My governor, Charlie Crist, who is running for the Senate as an independant, publicly agreed with him. Charlie became Governor as a Republican.. but he really isn't one.

11:00 AM  

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