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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Asking "the Iranian Question" Again

Today is Saturday, the 21st.  In Iran, because the sunlight gets there earlier, it has already been Saturday for some time, and in fact they may already be into Sunday, the day allotted for prayers in many places.

A few days ago a Republican hawk warned his like-minded confreres among the Israelis that they had only until today to make  a not-so-surprise attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, because on this date the Russians will start fueling up the Bushere power plant, for the purpose of generating electricity.   Bombing that place thereafter would pose too great a risk of spreading radioactivity all over the area, and it would make no sense anyway since the reactor that the Russians have already installed in there is the light water type, from which it is almost impossible to produce plutonium of a grade sufficient to make nuclear weapons.   So now that wonderful thing, time, has passed, and Israel and Iran both have been saved, Iran from Israel and Israel from itself.  Now what?

What would happen if during one of President Obama's press conferences, while he was again trying to browbeat Iran about wanting nuclear weapons, someone in the press corps were to stand up and ask a question I have been asking for a very long time, with no good answer from anyone.  " Mr. President, what is it about Iran that it can't have nuclear weapons but many other countries can and do have them, including the U.S., up to the gazooty?   It can't possibly be the danger that Iran poses to other countries.  Iran has no record of attacking other countries in recent years, or in recent centuries for that matter.   But the countries that are most vociferous in trying to deny Iran the right all have such records."

I know what would happen.  The questioner would be roundly booed by his colleagues, and he would be instantly escorted out of the room, condemned to his employers, fired, and attempts would be made to try him or her for treason.

All the same, what keeps it from being a perfectly reasonable question?   I am totally baffled by the thoroughness with which it is dodged, to the point where you won't even hear people asking it.   This is how evil gets spread around, so that soon it becomes a global epidemic.


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

Yesterday I downloaded a book, onto my Kindle (did I mention I LOVE my Kindle?) entitled "Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virture in the Land of the Free"
I have only read about 15% but I am pretty sure the answers to your questions are there!

11:44 PM  

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