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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Lining up Puppies and Kittens

Ever since 1999 I've been downloading photos from Webshots, a big Internet photo site, till now I have a collection, on computer only, of close to 15,000 of their shots taken by professional photographers.  They are an admirable and absolute necessity on all my computers, as screensavers and wallpaper.  They take up over 3 gigs of space on my hard drives, but that's negligible in these days of hard drives with up to several terabytes of space pretty much dirt cheap.  The photos are of a huge number of subjects, but landscapes, my favorite genre, make up the lion's share.  I also like pictures with people in them, and in its first years Webshots would publish some of those now and then but not anymore.   I wonder why?   Legal problems?

In place of people now they offer a higher proportion than earlier of animal pictures, and scattered among those are a fair number showing puppies or kittens, three, four, and occasionally even five all placidly lined up in a row, as if young canine or feline vanity had driven them to wait for just this moment, when you know just as well that nothing could've been farther from the truth, so much so that I wonder how these shots could've possibly been made.

Click here to see just such a shot that I've been using for wallpaper for several weeks.

I have no experience with dogs, but I've had enough with multiple kittens and cats, and to get a really good shot of even just one that is awake is a major achievement, much less of a bunch of them lined up in a neat and orderly row.   And puppies, which I think of as being just as energetic and equally as wayward in their mindsets, must be just as bad.

How do the photographers do it?   Do they use restraints of some carefully hidden kind, or do they have to take hundreds of shots to get just a single good one, or what?

This is a matter of international importance, and as such, it is worthy of further investigation.


Blogger LeftLeaningLady said...

Lola loves to have her picture taken, if she sees me point the camera at her she just sits up so pretty. Of course that can be a pain if I don't WANT her in a sitting position. :-)

I believe those who can take pictures of cats (just like those who take pictures of children) take A LOT of pictures, probably hundreds, just to get that one!

12:01 PM  

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