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Monday, September 18, 2006

Intractable Afghanistan

Though I am certifiably an oldster now, it's odd that in many ways I've never gotten far from the basic psychology of my elementary school playground. So I tend to see in the simplest of terms matters that others always describe in the most complex, abstract, and sophisticated of phraseologies. That must explain where I am in a position to have absolutely no effect on what's going on the world, as compared to where so many others are, which is in positions where they can keep the world in a steady state of unfairness, insanity, damnation and ruin, and they do so with all the gusto and righteousness in the world.

But if I was in charge of the American political system, the U.S. military forces would never have invaded Iraq in the first years of the present century, we would have stolen more of a march on dealing with global warming, and we would have much more government resources and the will to deal with New Orleans (as nonsensical as I think it was to put that ancestral city of mine there in a big mudhole in the first place), and everyone would have been better off for it. Those kinds of things help explain why I see no problem with my type of a 1930's child's outlook.

So in that vein today I want to give one of my takes on Afghanistan....

Except that I am already tired of verbalizing and typing, so I will get back to this later.


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